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Result testing - Testing Machine
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Testing Machine

Data processing software for TGI series TgAnest logo

Makes creating test conditions even easier
  Intuitive setting using graphical display and improved visibility with large-size text.
The test sample dimension input also supports manual input, Excel importing, and electronic
micrometer input.
Test screen Test control screen (Single) Test control screen(Cycle) Test control screen (Single+Cycle) Analysis item setting screen
Test screen - TgAnest
print example
Example of report
Quick start function (30 conditions)
  Registering frequently used test conditions allows you to move to the test start screen with just one click.
The display can be switched between Japanese and English.
Improved report creation function
  Allows titles, test conditions, test samples, graphs (2 types), results, comments, and photographs to be pasted in any location with any size to create reports.
Sampling rate and test speed can be switched in up to four stages during testing in standard sampling mode.
  Sampling rate: Can be set between 10 ms and 10 hours in 10 ms intervals.
Displacement: Can be set between 0.001 mm and 1,000.000 mm in 0.001 mm intervals
  With high-speed sampling (optional), this can be switched in up to
three stages during testing.
    High-speed sampling of 1 ms, 5 ms, 10 ms, 50 ms, 100 ms or 150 ms can be set in up to three stages.
  Additional tests and results can be reordered.
  Supports tensile, compression, 3-point/4-point bending, and peeling in a single package.
    Control conditions can also be created by the user for creep testing, relaxation testing, and automatic load testing.
  The test of tension, compression, 3 points/4 points bend and peel are totalized in the package. Moreover, the control condition of creep test, relaxation test and automatic load test can be created for yourself.
System requirements
Compatible operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit type)
CPU Intel Pentium (Dual core or Single core) Clock speed 2 GHz or more
Memory 2 GB or more
Input device CD/DVD drive x 1 unit
Outptu device USB port (for the standard sampling spec.), 
Serial port ( for the high speed sampling spec.)
Testing types Tensile, compression, 3-/4-point bending, peeling
Test modes Single (tensile, compression, 3-/4-point bending, peeling)
Cycle (tensile, compression, 3-/4-point bending) (Optional)
Control (tensile, compression, 3-/4-point bending) (Optional)
Max test capacity 100 batches, 100 sub-batches (max. 10,000 tests per file)
* Cycle testing fixed at 1 batch, 1 sub-batch.
Sampling interval Standard 10 ms to 10 h, High-speed 1 ms to 150 ms
Analysis items  
Tensile, compres
-sion, 3-/4-point bending testing
Displacement origin, elastic modulus (standard, chord, gradient), peak,
rupture point, upper yield point, lower yield point, yield strength point,
intermediate point (6 points each for test force and displacement),
energy, initial tensile resistance, [n] value, rupture elongation
Peeling testing Displacement origin, 1st peak point, 1st bottom point, maximum peak
point, minimum bottom point, intermediate point (1 to 6 points),
intermediate test force point (1 to 6 points), mean of intermediate test
force point (2 to 6 points), tearing strength,
integral/simple/peak/bottom/peak & bottom/large & small peak 6-point
mean, static/dynamic coefficient of friction, collection mean.
Cycle test Displacement origin, maximum point, minimum point, maximum return
point, minimum return point, intermediate point (6 points each for test
force and displacement), energy (increase/decrease, positive/negative,
cycle), hysteresis, hysteresis loss, residual elongation.
Other functions Test condition quick start, preliminary cycle, automatic test force cancel,
original point detecting function.
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