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Moisture Analyzer - When moisture content matters.
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When Moisture Content Matters

Moisture affects the processibility, shelf life, usability and quality of many products such as pharmaceutical substances, plastics and foods. Information about and determination of moisture content is therefore very important. METTLER TOLEDO is the expert in moisture analysis and offers a wide range of reliable instrumetns suiting the needs of quality control and in-process control.

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality moisture analyzers and tools for instrument performance verification such as SmartCal, with lots of application knowledge, and by having a word-class service organization, we can offer a full moisture solution to ensure optimal moisture determination.

What is a moisture analyzer and how does a moisture analyzer work?

A moisture analyzer is often also called moisture balance or moisture meter. It consists of a weighing unit and a heating unit (infrared technology) and is used to determine the moisture content of a sample with the loss on drying principle. Today many customers use a moisture analyzer because they want to analyze the moisture content using a much faster method. Moisture analyzers are used in many industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics. Moisture content determination in food is of particular importance as the moisture content influences the quality and shelf life of a product.

To find out more about moisture analyzers check out our 'Frequently Asked Questions on Moisture Analyzer' page.


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When Moisture matters, METTLER TOLEDO Professional Moisture Analyzers deliver outstanding results.

Routine moisture determination made easy. Convenient usage, clever guidance and robust construction for the laboratory and the factory floor.

METTLER TOLEDO quality at an attractive price. Simple operation and reliable performance makes daily routine moisture measurements easy and efficient.

SmartCal™ test substance ensures trusted moisture results by verifying the performance of your moisture analyzer.

Top Performance and Intelligent Control

Moisture Determination at its Best

Record Speed from Start to Finish

Every aspect has been developed with speed in mind

Premium Performance for Best Product Quality

Best precision and repeatability for reliable results

Quality Results, Traceable Reporting

Built-in user management, A4 or letter printouts

Network Connectivity

Ethernet, USB and RS232 supported

Quick Operation

OneClickTM moisture for ease of use

Quick Analysis

Halogen technology for fast heating

Quick Cleaning

Flat surfaces are completely smooth and sealed

Convenient to Use with Clever Guidance

Intuitive for anyone to operate – day by day

Large color touchscreen

Bright and easy to read display

Convenient operation

Programmable methods - start with one click

Clever features

User guidance, drying curve and set-up wizard

Robust construction

For use in the lab and on the factory floor.

Easy to clean

Flat stainless steel surfaces

Simply Reliable

Accurate and repeatable moisture measurements.

Halogen Heating

For fast heating and quick results.

Easy operation

Simply tare, add your sample and press start.

Essential Functionality

Just what you need for your daily tasks.

Unique Test Substance

Verifies overall moisture analyzer performance.

Quick and Easy Performance Test

Simple as a regular measurement - takes 10 minutes

Documented Performance

Data storage in the instrument or an Excel® report

Certified Version

cSmartCal satisfies needs of regulated industries.

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